Announcement (July 2, 2014): There were insufficient number of qualifying 150-Word posts, during the submission period that ended on June 30, 2014, to allow us to publish an anthology for this cycle. However, several selected authors from the last cycle were unable to complete the editing process, which prevented the publication of the 2013 anthology. Therefore, the editors have decided to solicit manuscripts from all of the authors who posted their openings during this past submission period, select those that they like, and publish a combined anthology for 2013 and 2014.

Announcement (July 2, 2014): We recently discovered that our web filtering system has been rejecting posts and emails from new accounts for quite some time. The lack of new posts should have been an obvious sign, but it turned out to be a fairly hard problem to track down. We have now fixed the issue and hope to again welcome new members into our community who were understandably frustrated by their prior experience.

Congratulations to GeoEeds whose swashbuckling opening to Son of the Admiral zigzagged its way past the 100 vote mark!

Congratulations to Michael Phillis whose riveting opening to Danger Club galloped past the 100 vote mark!

Congratulations to crindiesel whose beautifully descriptive opening to Princess of Mythric passed the elusive 200 vote mark!

Congratulations to the writers of the Top 25 most voted openings (as of 9 pm June 30, 2013)! These opening have now been archived and can be viewed here.

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Planet Dirt

Pinky Landrace always seemed to know things before other pigs. And sometimes she knew things before even she herself knew that she knew them. This was one of those times.

7th Period

I have probably fallen in love and had my heartbroken more times than anyone on Earth.

Redeeming Miss Thiago

Salma was a slut. She was easy and had sex with half the boys at St. Benedict High.

Or so that’s what everyone said. Salma hadn’t a clue how she got her unwanted reputation.

Inside the Hole

I have a gun.


The door flung open startling me awake.