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The debut volume of the Dull Pencil Anthology is now available for purchase here, or you can ask for it at your favorite bookstore!

Remember that all profits from the sale of the anthology will benefit creative writing programs in middle/high schools, or Room to Read, the amazing charity devoted to building schools and libraries in the Third World, as chosen by the anthology's contributors.

A special thanks to all the wonderful contributors (now published authors!) who persevered through the grueling publication process.

Congratulations to Michelle K whose delightful opening to The Book patiently made its way past the 100 vote mark!

Congratulations to Darrel CS whose mesmerizing opening to Sorry About That apologized its way past the 100 vote mark!

Congratulations to Susan J whose heartbreaking opening to 7th Period espresso shot its way past the 100 vote mark!

Congratulations to BoMarly whose Shakespearean opening to Hamlet muscled its way past the 100 vote mark!

Post Your 150-Words Now to get valuable feedback on your story's opening, and to get votes to qualify for possible publication in our next anthology edition! Current solicitation period is from 7/1/2014 to 6/30/2015.

DullPencilDullPencilPress publishes short fiction, novel excerpts, and essays written for the young adult/teen (YA) audience. It was founded and is operated by a group of passionate YA reader/writer volunteers and an experienced publisher (also a volunteer) to benefit the YA community. The stories are published in a yearly anthology series in paperback and e-book. Contents for the anthology are selected by fellow writers and readers of YA stories who choose to participate in the process through this website, as well as our volunteer editors and advisers. All profits from the sale of our books will be donated to support creative writing programs in middle and high schools chosen by its contributors.

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Distance and Constellations

Dear A-


Nobody in the bar could have guessed that Seth Myers was only fifteen – six years too young to be drinking the pint of Budweiser sitting in front of him.

Real and Pink and Safe

There are thirteen seconds until the end of English class.

The Little Bits and Pieces

She's quiet, he thinks as he watches their breaths puff out in tiny silver clouds against the frigid morning air.

The Book

The book was a small thing, made in a factory with all others like it. Brown. Leather bound. Simple indents in its surface to mark its name.